A Simple Easter Gift Idea

A Simple Easter Gift Idea

We love to get a bit creative with our Easter gifts and give them a thoughtful, personal touch. Last year we gifted our youngest family members a colourful egg box filled with chocolate eggs. A very simple idea but really lovely to open and a little bit different. 

Our set of four rainbow egg boxes are ready to fill with Easter treats of your choice. The set includes a yellow, pink, green and blue box. We find egg hunt eggs (the kind you buy in a big box from supermarkets) work really well but you can fill them with chocolate Lindt bunnies and chicks, cream eggs, caramel eggs, oreo eggs - whatever your recipients favourite might be or pop in a surprise mix!

Once filled, simply close the box and tie it with ribbon, string, or raffia and add a little tag if you'd like to, or you can even write directly on to the box.

As parents we love this idea because we've found that once a big Easter egg is opened it's quite tricky to take it away, or for my children not to want to eat it all at once! With the rainbow egg box idea children can choose something from the egg box and come back to it later. Once all the chocolates have been enjoyed the box can be refilled again, or used for some Easter themed crafts.

Children love the bright colour of the egg boxes and opening them up to see what's inside. Although we should probably add that for some time after Easter every time my little nephews saw an egg box they associated it with 'chocolate!'


Bumble & Twig x