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Bumble and Twig is a small family run, independent children's store based in Oundle, Northamptonshire. As parents of three children, we have carefully selected a range of items from brands we have discovered over the course of a decade of parenting, many of which our own children have enjoyed and loved.

Style and quality are important to us in bringing you items that become firm favourites and stand the test of time, make everyday moments special and fit in with modern family life. Family is at the heart of everything we do and whether you are shopping for children's gifts, toys, books, clothing, interiors or party supplies, we hope that you will find something that you and your family will love too.

Our brand name is a combination of two simple joys - ‘Bumble’ after the humble bumblebee; cheerful, fluffy, little hard workers and reminiscent of sunny days in the garden with our children - and ‘Twig’ for the stick one of our children always finds whenever we’re out and about; offering endless possibilities as a wand, to draw in the mud with, or to throw in a stream and play pooh sticks with!

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Bumble and Twig Shopfront Oundle

Our shop is located in the beautiful market town of Oundle, Northamptonshire, close to Stamford and Peterborough. 


Bumble & Twig, 

21 West Street,



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Opening hours:

Wednesday 9am - 4pm

Thursday 9am - 4pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm




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