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Feelings Chart

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Cotton Twist


Help children explore & express their emotions with this wonderful Feelings Chart, a collaboration by Cotton Twist and Abel & the label inspired by the fabulous Abel & The Label.

Designed to foster emotional intelligence & self-awareness in children, this set includes a wooden stand with 16 wooden tokens, each depicting a different emotion to promote:

  • Emotional Exploration: With tokens representing a range of emotions such as happiness, sadness, overwhelmed, & more, children are encouraged to identify & articulate their feelings in a fun & interactive way.
  • Personalised Expression: The stand provides a designated space for children to display the token that best reflects their emotions for the day, allowing them to communicate their inner world in a tangible & visual manner.
  • Versatile Use: Whether used at home, in classrooms, or therapy settings, this set is versatile & adaptable to various environments where emotional awareness & expression are valued.
  • Educational & Therapeutic: Encourages conversations about emotions, promotes empathy & understanding, & serves as a valuable tool.

Bring the world of emotions to life & empower your child to navigate their feelings with confidence & clarity.

MATERIALS: tin, 16 wooden feelings tokens, wooden stand, wooden dowels. UKCA/UKNI/CE tested

  1. DIMENSIONS: TIN: 177 x 73 x 22mm