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Supermarket Grocery Set

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Tenderleaf Toys

A brilliant 14 piece wooden supermarket grocery set designed and made by Tender Leaf Toys. 

It’s the perfect starter pack for a play shop set up. Complete with all the essentials you might need for a supermarket sweep.

Set includes: 

  • ice cream tub
  • popcorn
  • cat food
  • tin of peaches
  • tomato sauce
  • olive oil
  • string bag containing three lemons
  • bag of crisps with crinkle paper inside
  • bag of frozen peas containing hard round balls
  • a tin of sardines
  • a box of rice
  • a pack of spaghetti
  • a box of crackers
  • half a pound of cheese.

Presented in an illustrated colour box.

Suitable for 3 Years +

Product dimension: 26 x 29 x 14.5 cm