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Scrunch Scoop - Old Rose

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Made from 100% recyclable silicone this Scrunch® Scoop is designed in the shape of a cheeky puffer fish. It’s flexible and can be squished and scrunched. Perfect for the water play scooping and pouring, in the bath, in the paddling pool or playing with at beach. They can also be used for digging, shoveling and burrowing.

Easy to hold with a comfortable tail handle, lightweight and durable; they’re a fun alternative to plastic watering cans and buckets that are prone to cracking. 

Scrunch® Scoops are wonderfully portable and take up minimal space, they easily ‘scrunch down’ meaning you can just pop them in your bag, or under the pushchair making them easy to take out and about and great for taking on holiday. 

Water and stain resistant, simply wipe clean.

Capacity 500ml

Dimensions: 12 × 16 × 17 cm

Pair with a matching scrunch bucket, spade or rake